House Wines (175ml) (Bottle) Spirits (25ml)
W1 Les Acrobates (France) (White) £4.15 £14.95 Bacardi  £3.10
A tangy, crisp dry white with plenty of bright citrus fruit Bells £3.10
and hints of pineapple. Well balanced, refreshing and lively. Brandy  £3.40
W2 Les Acrobates (France) (Red) £4.15 £14.95 Gordons Gin £3.40
Soft, ripe and juicy with succulent plum and  bramble Jack Daniels £3.60
 fruit all wrapped up in soft, velvety tannins. Jamesons Irish £3.40
W3 Les Acrobates (France) (Rosé) £4.15 £15.50 Morgans Spiced £3.40
A light, refreshing Rosé bursting with red fruits, a perfect balance of roundness Remy Martin £4.00
and length which makes for an easy drinking wine for all seasons. Single Malt  (Whisky) £3.60
White Wine Southern Comfort £3.40
W4 Chenin Torrontes, Santa Rosa (Argentina) £15.95 Vodka  £3.10
Light, fresh and crisp with subtle exotic fruit character and a little honey.
W5 Pinot Grigio, Bella Modella (Italy) £17.50 Saki                                            £6.80/(1/4) £23.00 /bott
A beautifully, light, vibrant white to be appreciated for its zesty, citrus
character and refreshing quality. Liqueurs  (25ml)
W6 Sauvignon Blanc Reserva, Nostros (Chile) £18.95 Archers £3.10
Exuberantly fruity Sauvignon packed full of grassy, tropical fruit.  Baileys £3.10
Instantly refreshing. Cointreau £3.40
W7 Sauvignon/Riesling 'The Opportunish'. £21.95 Drambuie £3.40
One Chain Vineyards (Australia) Glayva £3.40
Crisp, dry, tangy, displaying tropical fruits and citrus aromas. Malibu £3.10
W8 Chardonnay, Redtree (USA) £22.95 Spritzer £4.50
A broad, easy drinking style of Chardonnay oak, some spice, baked apple and melon. Tia Maria £3.10
Rosé Wine
W9 Pinot Grigio Rosé, Bella Modella (Itlay) £18.95 Bottled Beers & Cider
Strawberry laced aromas followed by a seductive palate of crisp, juicy, creamy fruit. Guinness                  £3.80 (500ml)/can)
Magners Cider      £3.80 (330ml/can)
Sparkling & Champagne Miller                         £3.10 (330ml/bt)
W10 Prosecco Spumante Doc, Bella Modella (Itlay) £22.00 Tennents                 £3.10 (500ml)/can)
Crisp, deliciously frothy and filled with ripe apple and citrus fruit character. Tsing Tao or Tiger   £3.80 (330ml/bt)
W11 Bollinger "Special Cuvee" (France) £60.00
Bollinger is a heavier style of Champagne with nice fruit and some complexity. Soft Drinks
Coca-Cola / Diet Coca-Cola (Glass Bottle) £2.20 /bott
Red Wines Appletiser £2.20 /bott
W12 Sangiovese, Terre Allegre (Italy) £15.95 (1/2 Pint) (1 Pint)
A juicy, succeulent red with savoury cherry and plum characters. Soft tannins and a   Soft Drink £1.90 £2.90
bright ripe fruited finish. (Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Irn Bru, Diet Irn Bru, Fanta)
W13 Shiraz Malbec, Santa Rosa (Argentina) £17.50 Fresh Juice (Orange / Apple) £2.00 £3.00
A novel blend of spicy Shiraz with rich, plummy Malbec which creates Cordial Drink £1.30 £2.30
a juicy, succulent red with a soft creamy finish.
W14 Pinot Noir, Nostros (Chile) £18.95 Baby Bottles
Bright, wild strawberry and raspberry fruits dominate a soft, supple palate which leads Schweppes Bitter Lemon £1.20 (125ml)
through to a gentle, warming finish. Schweppes Ginger Beer £2.00 (200ml)
W15 Merlot, Largesse (France) £19.50 Schweppes Pineapple Juice £1.20 (125ml)
A juicy, succulent red brimming with ripe blackberry and plum fruit. Supple, fleshy and Schweppes Soda Water £1.50 (200ml)
well rounded on the palate with a smooth, long finish. Schweppes Tonic Water  £1.20 (125ml)
W16 Rioja Crianza, De Alto Amo (Spain) £22.95 Dash  (Juice)/Mixer (Orange/Black Currant) £0.50
Fresh, fruity and well balanced with notes of raspberries, vanilla and cinnamon.
Bottled Water (Small) (Large)
Reserve Red Selection Sparkling Water £1.90 £3.10
W17 Chateau Lamothe Cissac, Haut Medoc Cru Bourgeois (France) £36.00 Still Water £1.90 £3.10
Mdeium bodied with well integrated tannins and cedary oak flavours on a long, complex finish.
W18 Chateauneuf Du Pape, Domaine Du Vieux Lazaret (France) £45.00 Beverages
An estate Chateauneuf of the highest quality. Full bodied, dry, but sweet ripe, fruit. Liqueur Coffee £4.50
W19 Bully ier Cru Clos Du Chapitre, £50.00 Coffee £1.60
Domaine Jaeger-Defaix (France) Tea £1.30
Fresh and lively on the palate, with ripe red berry fruit, notes of chocolate and spice, Pot of Chinese Tea £2.30
with a long finish and supple tannins.